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About Us

What is the Booster Club?

The Booster Club mission is to advance the role extracurricular activities play in the development and well-being of our students.


Our goals are to promote our students’ academic and athletic success, promote a positive image of Rockville High School, and to provide a safe place for parents, school staff and students to support the school’s extracurricular activities. We support school-sponsored teams, clubs and organizations by conducting fundraising activities.

How Does the Booster Club Raise Funds?

There are two main sources of support for the Booster Club. The first is through our membership. It is essential that families in the RHS community join the Booster Club to provide the funds necessary to support our students in their activities.


The second source of support is our fundraising events. Long-standing favorites include: Mulch Sale, the Wreath Sale, and Spirit Wear sales.  Stay tuned for details on these fundraisers and more!

Why Get Involved with Booster Club?

In this time of cutbacks and economic hardship it is more important than ever to garner community support and provide our students with a well-rounded education.


Volunteering your time in the Booster Club will help ensure that this goal is met. In addition, the Booster Club is comprised of dedicated people who not only work hard, but know how to have FUN while doing it!

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Special "Thank You" to those dedicated few who keep the RHS Booster Club running.

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