What is the Booster Club?

The Booster Club's mission is to advance the role extracurricular activities play in the development and well-being of our students. Our goals are to promote our students' academic and athletic success, promote a positive of Rockville High School and provide a safe place for parents, school staff and students to support the school's extracurricular activities. We support school sponsored teams, clubs, and organizations by conducting fundraising activities.

Why should I get involved with the Booster Club? 


The best and simplest answer is because the students are counting on you! 


Many people think if they join the PTSA they don't have to support booster. The reality is both Booster and the PTSA need you. PTSA primarily advocates for improving the school and creating an atmosphere where students, teachers and administration can do their best work. The Booster Club is focused on raising funds to supplement shrinking public support to extracurricular activities as a result of budget cuts.Booster and PTSA often work together and each is focused on improving the high school experience for the students at Rockville.

High school years go so fast. Volunteering your time to is a great way to be a part of this special time in your child's life. 

How does the Booster Club raise the funds?

There are several ways the Booster Club raises funds.The first is through direct donations from our families and alumni (please visit our support page). Local businesses have the opportunity to become a sponsor gaining them valuable advertising while helping the community. Dining at our snack bar, while not quite world famous cuisine, is a great way to support RHS. Another source of support is our fundraising events. Long standing favorites include the mulch sale, the wreath and spirit wear sales. We are always open to new ideas so please contact us to share yours. 


President - Karen Kelly
Vice President - Anna Pfaff
Treasurer - Allan Barney
Secretary - Lorie Holland
Athletic Specialist - Mike Hayes
Communications - Sally Brogan
Membership - Lorie Holland
Corporate Sponsors - Vacant
Spirit Wear - Kristy Mashburn
Model Ram - Vacant
Mulch Sale - Sunil Dasgupta
Snack Bar - Chris Edmond
Varisty Banquet - Vacant
PTSA Representative - Vacant
Website - Vacant
Model Ram