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For adults the most important job is volunteer driver. We need vehicles to haul mulch and vehicles to haul students that follow the vehicles that haul the mulch. No Vehicle is too small as we can have orders as small as 5 bags.   



  • Arrive at 7:00 am for first shift, 11:30 am for second shift.

  • You can work both shifts.

  • If you are an upperclassman, be a leader.

  • Pay attention to quality, we need exact quantities loaded in the cars and trucks.

  • Be cheerful.

  • Make sure you sign in & get a T-Shirt, there is a special table by the main entrance to the school.

  • Make sure you sign out and get your SSL form, this year you have to complete it on site.

  • Wear a HAT to avoid sunburn - and mulch in the hair.

  • Bring GLOVES, especially if you expect to actually work !

  • Bring SUNSCREEN if you burn easy.

  • If you bring a camera, take lots of pictures, and post them on Facebook

  • Expect to get real DIRTY

  • Promote our website and the sale with social media



  • If your child is ambivalent on which shift to work, suggest second shift.

  • If your student is a member of a sports team or other RHS organization that is encouraging participation; deal with the coach or faculty sponsor on all attendance questions.

  • If dropping off or picking up on the day of the sale- use the right side of the building, head to the football field and loop back.The main parking lot is closed to traffic unless you are picking up or delivering mulch.

  • Expect kids to get very very dirty.

  • Volunteer yourself - even if you can only help with 2 or 3 deliveries it makes a difference.

  • Feed your kids before they leave home.

  • If your kids burn - send sunscreen and a hat.

  • Tell your neighbors about the sale - especially the flat rate home delivery, the more they order, the better the deal.

  • Anyone can order our Mulch

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