We can't do it without YOU!

The students, coaches, club sponsors and administration of Rockville High School are all counting on your support. Rockville has so many great opportunities for your child but we need your help. There simply isn't enough funding or hours in a day for us to accomplish our goals without YOU.

Yes, we need your financial support but we also need your time. Please visit the volunteer page to see how you can help. The current lockdown situation has limited what we can do but we are always looking for new ways to support our students.

Please click on the R to discover our support options. A donation of $25 annually gets you voting rights with the Booster Club and with larger donations you can receive exclusive Booster gear!

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If you own a business or if you think your place of work might be interested, we have opportunities for corporate sponsors.

Please email us at rhsramsbooster@gmail.com to get information,